About Gifted Cleaners

Professionals Cleaners

Our professional cleaners are screened and have their background checked before engaging in the company. And since we are a family-based company, our main team is between mother and daughter.

Our Expertise

With more than 8 years of cleaning services, our expertise was built based on the different types of homes, different cleaning styles requested, always meeting homeowners expectations.

Our History

It all started simple, as current owner Déborah begin as a maid, and because of the great services offered, the word got out quickly between friends. We first started servicing the Wellesley area, since most of the homes were near each other, we quickly grew and establish a micro network of clients. Nowadays we have expended to attend and help more homes with our cleaning services around the area of Natick, Newton, Westwood and others.

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Gifted Cleaners Goals

We have the goal of truly help families with their home cleaning. But not just like any other company, but leaving care and great relationships with theses families through out our jorney.

What Now

After few years in business, our company is now online, and we’re working to improve and bring all information about us as clear as possible. Soon, we truly believe our methods and cleaning practices will be even more rewarded, but with reputation.